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Welcome to Top Storey Slab Construction!

TOP STOREY has developed a polystyrene void former, which offers numerous advantages. It is made from high density polystyrene and is a convenient and economical alternative to using ash-blocks/concrete blocks. We supply surface bed insulation and wall insulation to size.


Top Storey Slab Construction was established in 2003. Needless to say, we have our fair share’s worth of experience in this remarkable trade.

Cost Efficiency

Due to the weight reduction, a more cost effective slab can be designed. Installed quicker than ash blocks resulting in labour cost saving.

Eco Friendly

Polystyrene has 10 times the insulating qualities than ash block void formers, resulting in less energy needed to heat or cool the room.

On-Site Advantages

Plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning and other services can easily be installed in the polystyrene. (No power required)


TOP STOREY can design, supply and install your suspended slab.

Polystyrene is 90% lighter than ash-block, therefore reducing 1.6KN/m² of dead load. This is approximately 140kg per m² on a 250mm slab. Compared to an in-situ, the weight saving is even greater, being 320kg per m².

The lower weight advantage allows engineers to use polystyrene slabs on buildings where the foundation history is unknown.

Variable block sizes are available.


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